Electricity is an essential part of life at work and at home. Whether you require prime power when no utility is available, or stand-by backup power when your utility is temporarily unavailable, power generating systems from MTU Onsite Energy and GE's Jenbacher line offer quality and dependable power at a moment's notice.

At Inland Power Group, we have the capabilities to provide you with a complete power package - start to finish. We will supply you with the power equipment you need, including generator sets, transfer switches, controllers, and a full line of accessories. We can even arrange the complete installation for you too!

Our commitment to quality extends well beyond the sale. At Inland Power Group, we offer complete preventative maintenance packages and emergency repair services.

MTU Onsite Energy

Diesel - Powered
20kW - 3250 kW
20kW - 800kW
Transfer Switches
30 amps - 4000 amps
MTU Onsite Energy

Jenbacher Gas Engines
The GE Energy gas engine line that we sell is one of the world's leading packaged generators sets and cogeneration units for power generation. It is one of the only companies in the world focusing exclusively on gas engine technology. Inland offers the complete line of GE Energy's Jenbacher gas engines ranging from 330KW to 3MW. The products we sell represent some of the most advanced and innovative designs on the market today.
• 335 to 3000 kWe
• Proven efficiency, durability and reliability
• Leanox® lean burn control ensures reliable, durable emissions control
• Integrated engine/generator controls
• High-performance long-life spark plugs for reliable operation
• Knocking controls compensate for methane number fluctuation
• Bypass turbo chargers allow for extreme operating conditions
• Unmatched fuel diversity
• Best-in-class operating efficiencies
• Maintenance-friendly design; long service intervals

Jenbacher gas engines are at work in a wide variety of environments, from landfills to pig farms. Inland recently exhibited at a major farm technology exposition hosted at Wisconsin dairy farm and cheese plant that has installed one of our Jenbacher engines in a combined heat and power application that uses the methane gas from the manure. The excess electricity is sold back to the grid: Read more

Click here for more info on Jenbacher Gas Engines

Jenbacher Gas Engines

For more information on Generator Sets, please contact our sales department at:

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Planned Maintenance Packages

Inland Power Group's service packages meet or exceed all current government requirements and your local fire codes. All service packages will be catered to your specific requirements or if you are not sure what you need then we can give you an outline of what should be performed.

We have a variety of service packages to meet your needs.

• Weekly
• Monthly
• Quarterly
• Semi-Annual
• Annual
• Quinquennial (every five years)

Finding a problem before it lets you down is a key part of preventative maintenance, if it happens to be a
critical part it could cripple your generator. Something as simple as a coolant hose can be the difference
between smooth operation and a frantic emergency call. Parts often deteriorate from the inside out, so damage
may not even be visible from the outside until it is too late. As part of the planned maintenance agreement,  
Inland Power Group will find those parts and replace them before they cause generator failure.
With our planned maintenance agreement, you will experience:

• Peace of mind
• Fewer emergency calls
• Extended life of your equipment
• Compliance with current Municipal Building and Provincial Fire Codes
• Well documented service history
• Warranty coverage

Individual Services

We are not limited to performing specific maintenance packages, a number of services can be performed based on individual needs. Here is a list of some of the services we offer :

• MTU Onsite Energy factory support
• Oil and filter change
• Resistive load bank testing
• Engine repair / rebuild
• Infrared scanning
• Meggar testing
• Rental units
• Fuel filtering
• Coolant flush & fill
• Chart recording
• Detroit Diesel factory support
• Standby assistance
• 24 hour emergency service
• Radiator recorring

Contact Inland Power Group today to find out more about how we can match the right service package with your needs.


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